Shisha Stones are a new non-tobacco way to enjoy using you shisha pipe. Shisha Stones are a simple combination of glycerin (vegtable based, vegan safe), flavorings and porous volcanic stones. The porous volcanic stones absorb the flavor mixture and release a flavored steam. They are used in an identical way as traditional shisha tobacco. You prepare your shisha bowl with the Shisha Stones, cover the bowl with foil or metal screen and apply the heated coals. Once heated, the stones release a flavored vapor that simulates a traditional tobacco smoking experience. Rather than the combustion process, which takes place in the combustion of traditional tobacco products, Shisha Stones vaporize the flavored glycerin content infused in the stones to produce a "smoke" like vapor. The stones can be re-used many times over until the glycerin in the bottle is fully expended. Just take the used Shisha Stones and place them back in the bottle, then shake to replenish and refresh the Shisha Stones for additional use. You can continue this process until the entire liquid falvoring is absorbed and expended.

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