Alchemist Tobacco
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Alchemist Alpine Mint
Invigorating minty goodness of spearmint blended with peppermint that gives you that icy soothing co...
Alchemist Apple Dulce
A delicious treat packed into a candied smoke Apple Dulce is a tart, green apple candy flavor coated...
Alchemist Bloodmoon Savage
Complex burst of flavors with profiles from citrus, tart, and zest to sweet, vibrant herbals, this b...
Alchemist Bourbon Barrel Berry
Savor every puff of this bold berry treat.  This medley of berries features bright flavors of l...
Alchemist Citrus Mint
The ever classic citrus mint is a bright citrus, lemon, and orange balance of lemon verbena and lemo...
Alchemist Key Lime Mint
Using the seductive flavors of the tropics, Bahamian sweet and tart key limes blend with the tangy l...
Alchemist Lemonardo Da Vinci
Bringing you back to the lemonade stand on a sizzling summer day, we present a bold, tart lemon that...
Alchemist Majestic Melon
A perfect antidote for a hot day, this melon flavor gives you that sweet summer taste.  With em...
Alchemist Orange County Cream
Remember waiting for the ice cream truck to pass by for those childhood orangesicles we all love? We...
Alchemist Pepermint Mocha
Reminiscent of that cup of mocha in front of the fire place on a cold winter evening, this Mocha and...
Alchemist Polar Bear
Sweet aroma of juicy, vibrant orange passion fruit balanced out with a tangy, tart explosion of acai...